Sizing tool

Determine the suitable components for your system using the product finder. Select the gas type and the model series and set the missing values with the help of the sliders or enter them directly into the text box.

The contents and results of the DUNGS device selection tool have been prepared with utmost care and with the best of our knowledge and belief. Please note, however, that any selection of devices is only a non-binding suggestion which is based on the data entered by the user. It is therefore entirely possible that this information is not sufficient or decisive. Any device selection is the sole responsibility of the user and should always be verified by a suitably qualified person. Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG can not be held liable for the completeness and correctness of the displayed information. We expressly reserve the right to make modifications regarding the system variants and design and to correct any mistakes and typing errors. Please contact us if you have further questions regarding the products.