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2021 - 11 - 03 / 12:00 pm UTC (2 pm MESZ)

Combustion Basics 2: Fuels

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Overview gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels
Properties of gaseous fuels: Density, Heating values, Wobbe index, Flame kinetics
Sustainability: Biofuels and Hydrogen

Dr. Michael Severin

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2021 - 12 - 01 / 12:00 pm UTC (2 pm MESZ)

Air-Gas Control Methods


From On-Off Control to Electronic Closed-Loop Control
Process & Instrumentation Diagrams
Advantages & Disadvantages, typical Applications

Dr. Michael Severin and Meinrad Grieshaber

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Gas Systems according to EN 746-2

About the EN 746-2
Connection of the EN 746-2 to other laws, rules and guidelines (e.g. CE marking)
Safety Requirements for Gaseous Fuels and Combustion Air

Stephan Arnold


DUNGS Product MBE GasMultiBloc®

Multifunctional gas control: Stepper actuator with valve/regulator function
Features, Functions, Benefits
Application Examples
Thomas Buchmann


Overview Process Heat Applications 1: 
Low Temperature Applications

Classification of industry applications
Set-up, mode of operation
Process temperatures, thermal powers, turn-down-ratio
Meinrad Grieshaber


Combustion Basics Part 1: Fundamentals

Air-Gas-Mixture (Lambda), rich and lean combustion
Premixed and non-premixed combustion
Heating Value, thermal power, flame temperature
Dr. Michael Severin


Anastassja Schwenzer