Welcome to DUNGS Netherlands

Innovation and systems for climate, thermal heating, process heating and cogeneration industries in the Netherlands.

Dungs has been active in the Dutch market since 1963. In 1974 Dungs established a subsidiary in Hilversum near Amsterdam.

We are proud to share our expertise and experience with producers and users in the Dutch market.

Products approved for worldwide use

  • Europe (CE)
  • U.S.A. (UL, UR, CSA, FM)
  • Australia (AGA)
  • Russia / Kasakhstan / Belarus (EAC)
  • Ukraine (UA)


In close cooperation with our clients we serve the Dutch market with our expertise, our products and complete gas trains for thermal heating, gas engine and industrial applications. Corporations and producers in the thermal heating industry are among our clients. Our Dungs sales organization guarantees worldwide support.

Dungs designs gas trains and components according to European Directives, American Standards and further directives. Our knowledge and expertise in terms of design requirements ensures that we will certainly fulfill your demands.

Spare parts and OEM components are available directly via our warehouse in the Netherlands. We are therefore able to deliver main products the next day or directly via a parcel service to any location within the Netherlands.


Karl Dungs B.V.
Oosterengweg 36
NL-1221 JV Hilversum

Karl Dungs B.V.
Postfach 4001
NL-1221 JV Hilversum


Phone: +31 35 68578-58
Fax: +31 35 68578-55
Email: info.nl(at)dungs.com
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Peter Meijer
Managing Director

Hans Poot
Sales Manager

Dennis de Haas
Sales Support Engineer

Dumas Stants
Sales Assistant

Ton van der Bremer
Warehouse Assistant

Joanna Schmitt
Office Manager / Finance Administrator