Process Conditions

DUNGS HeatEngine® based on high level engineering and global legal specifications.
To select your best fitting solution we defined following application and process requirements.

Requirements min.max.
Process chamber pressure​-5 mbar+3 mbar
Process temperature​20 °C450 °C
Ambient temperature-15 °C60 °C
Gas inlet pressure30 mbar65 mbar
Process air flow velocity2 m/s5 m/s
Burner installation positionall (vertical, horizontal, upside-down)
Fuel• Natural gas H or L
• LPG, Propane
• Biogas
• Hydrogen (on request)
Emissions @ 17 % O2• NOx < 10 ppm over entire turndown range
• CO  < 13 ppm over entire turndown range (< 5 ppm on increased low capacity and depending on specific installation)

Top Features: 

  • Low emissions and high turndown 
  • Homogeneous flame profile leads to low NOx combustion 
  • Quiet operation and compact burner flame 
  • Different burner geometries 
  • High power density allows controlled heat input and compact design 
  • Optimised fan with speed-regulated EC motor
  • Robust system: easy to handle, low maintenance requirements and easy cleaning 


Our application engineers are looking forward to support you!